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The Comfort Guy Owners - Jason & Cheyl-Ann Lovie

Jason & Cheryl-Ann Lovie

Jason, Cheryl-Ann and the entire Comfort Guy Team believe that there is only one way to do a job… and that’s the RIGHT WAY.

With over 20 years of experience as a licensed gas fitter and sheet metal worker, Jason (The Furnace Guy) and his team of fitters knows the importance of quality workmanship, superior service, and leaving behind a tidy workspace.

Matt Saunders - The Comfort Guy lead installer


Lead Installer
G2 Gas Fitter, Custom Sheet Metal Worker

Matt has been with the company since the beginning, and worked alongside The Comfort Guy mastering the trade.  Matt looks after most of the fireplace installations that require wall build outs and drywall work..Matt is our guy.  He will finish your wall ready for paint.  Customers often call in after Matt has been in their home,  to make sure we know the great guy we have on staff and what a hard worker he is. Matt also has an apprentice under him at all times so not only is Matt one of the best installers around he now is transferring those skills to a new team member getting him ready to take on installations on his own.  Many of you will also meet Matt on after hours service calls as he does take the “on call” phone when it is his turn.  We are very grateful for all his skills.

In Matt’s Words,

Hi folks my name is Matt Saunders and I have been with The Comfort Guy since the beginning in September 2006.  My main role now is Lead Installer, but It took awhile to get here.  I started with no license and little experience, and have learned everything from the “Comfort Guy” himself. My first license was in Gas Fitting, then I completed a 4 year apprenticeship in Sheet Metal..I’m always looking forward to learning new things and am hoping to get my refrigeration license next. I am always pleased to talk to customers, explain anything they want to know, or just let them observe. I always enjoy hearing positive feed back from customers and knowing that some things I consider small can make big changes in others lives.


Matt Richardson – Service Manager
G2 Gas Fitter, Custom Sheet Metal Worker

Matt Richardson did come with experience but truly needed some new training on our procedures and has quickly responded with excellent workmanship with pride.  Matt works independently putting in furnaces when push comes to shove and we need a hand.  His regular job is looking after our service department.  Matt is very knowledgable in equipment and will be able to help you in the event of a major breakdown where replacement is necessary.  Matt is trained to measure and evaluate your home to properly give you an assessment on the equipment you should purchase.  Matt is always training staff at the company and helping everyone complete the days tasks.  He is an excellent addition to our team

In Matt’s words,

I have been with The Company for 5 years, I joined the team in 2011 with 7 years in the trade and haven’t looked back.  I’m a certified Gas fitter as well as fully licensed sheet metal mechanic.  My current position with the company is Service Manager, with that position I look after repairing, maintaining and ordering parts as needed for customers as well as some equipment sales when needed. My long term goal is to take on a share holder position at The Comfort Guy.  The best part about working with The Comfort Guy is how our whole team works together to accomplish jobs and keeping our customers satisfied as best of our abilities.  We all strive hard to keep the reputation of the BEST HEATING & COOLING COMPANY around.


Doug King

Service and Maintenance Technician/ Duct Cleaner
G2 Gas Fitter

Doug started with us in October of 2016 to learn the maintenance and service department.  Doug was a quick study and is now taking care of our Maintenance and service customers.   In his training here we gave him a couple months on the tools installing equipment.  Doug was eager to learn from the ground up as they say and acquired new skills. He is a team player is every aspect of the word and works very hard to get the job done.  He is a great fit for the company.

In Doug’s Words,

I have worked at The Comfort Guy for almost a year and a half now. I am a Service and Maintenance Technician for the company and a duct cleaner. I attended Fanshawe College to which I obtained a diploma for HVAC technician & Design studies as well as my G2 Certified Gas Technician License. I really enjoy working at the Comfort Guy and within my short time working there, I have leaned so much from the company. My co-workers are just all around fantastic people to work with and extremely hard workers. My long term goal is to be a fully certified HVAC Technician and Designer.  Possibly even dip in to the sales field.  I strive to be the best I can be for everyone of our customers and I am always here to help.


Bridget Vandermeer

Service Department

Bridget came on board in the fall of 2017.  Bridget job is to answer all incoming calls and schedule service for our customers.  Bridget is also responsible for maintaining constant interaction with our customers regarding maintenance on their equipment, recalls etc.  She is recognizable at the counter with her broad smile and happy disposition.
Bridget will be the front line gal you meet when you pop in to The Comfort Guy.  She will assist you with filters, retail items or show you some magnificent fireplaces.  Bridget is highly trained in the Valor line up and what she doesn’t know, she has quick resources  to help you!  Bridget is a great addition to our team.

In Bridget’s Words,

My name is Bridget and I am the newest member of The Comfort Guy team, I am thrilled to be working for such a great company. I am the Customer Service Representative and Receptionist. I book all your service and maintenance calls, so It’s most likely me on the other end of the line when you call. I also look after any showroom fireplace sales and do my best to help you navigate through the options that you are looking for. I love working at The Comfort Guy.  I love how everyone is treated like family!  My long term goals here are to become more knowledgeable on fireplaces and to understand more of the ins and outs of HVAC service to help serve our customers better.

Jan Daniels

Office Manager

Jan started with us over 3 years ago now and has promised to give me the last 10 years of her working career.  I found her working at Leons and she really needed to get off her feet.  Jan looks after our accounts very well.  She is diligent and making sure all items are checked off the list to accomplish all tasks regarding customers.  Jan knows the seriousness of warranty and proper paperwork when trying to make a claim.  Jan makes sure all our customers get thier rebates.  Jan recently learned to operate an iPad and now and iPhone…so look out things are getting techi over here.  Jan takes her position very seriously at The Comfort Guy and we hope she stays with us for many more years…

In Jan’s words,

Office Manager / Keeper of the Cat

I’ve been working at The Comfort Guy for just over 3 years now, its the smallest company I’ve ever worked for and I find it’s a completely different environment from the larger companies. I really enjoy the small business feel- like family – pets included.

As well as looking after the day to day paperwork that comes with this type of job I also register the customers equipment for them after the install and apply for any extended warranty and rebates that they are entitled to, making sure to meet all the deadlines.
I hope to stay here as long as Jason and Cheryl-Ann will Keep me!


Dean Kuney