How It All Began 


Our story began many years ago. I was a single mother working out of town, when my furnace started having some odd problems. Black soot was appearing on my windows above where the supply registers were located.  I had three children and was concerned about what they might be breathing in.  I contacted a local company and they sent around the owner to review my case.

Incidentally, my furnace broke down that evening and my babysitter contacted me in Kitchener to say our home was down to 13 degrees!

I contacted the company but they were already closed for the day. The on-call technician did contact me, however, and we had a few words. He quickly realized that I was not impressed and came to my aid.  That person was Jason, aka “The Furnace Guy”.

His best line was “As long as you know me, I will keep your furnace running”….we were married a few years later!

Jason and I decided to open a Heating and Cooling Company based on the many shortfalls he had seen in the business he worked for as well as many other businesses. The problem was simple. It was a lack of knowledge at the head of the company. You see, many companies start up with one profession and then add many others as they go.  Examples of this would be a plumber opening up a heating company or an electrician opening up a heating company.

Jason and I believed that we could add so much more value to our customers by giving the best professional advice and knowledge to one trade; HVAC. Jason had already acquired his “Sheet Metal C of Q”  from the Ontario College of Trades as well as his “Sheet Metal C of Q” from the College of Trades. He had also obtained his “G2 gas fitter” license.  Jason was a true tradesman and knew this industry like no other.  He made it his business to learn daily from the trade itself and its counterparts. This all sounded like a great fit for us.

I was a Dental Assistant in Woodstock and knew many great people. With our combined talents, we decided we should start our own company. On May 1, 2005, The Furnace Guy Heating and Cooling was born. It was located at our home where we turned our garage into a sheet metal shop.

Within 7 months Jason’s popularity grew and we needed help. We hired our first employee and rented a space in Downtown Woodstock. Jason and I worked tirelessly to get the store, formerly Dual Temp, ready to roll out as our showroom. It was also time for me to quit my current job and take on a position at The Furnace Guy!

In 2011 we were approached by another company owner in Owen Sound whose business name was also The Furnace Guy and who wanted the name exclusively.  Jason’s quick thinking created a new name to compliment our already very successful name. The Comfort Guy Inc was formed and trademarked in January of 2012.

Our business is still our passion. We love working with our customers and find we get only the best people shopping with us here at The Comfort Guy.

We have expanded our team to include a Service Manager, Lead Installer, Maintenance Technician, Office Manager, Sales Team and Customer Service Representative. We still have a passion for operating our business with integrity and just pure passion.

We also make sure we support as many new and upcoming technicians as possible in gaining apprenticeships or licensing.

We are very proud to be The Comfort Guy Inc.