Furnace Filters

How often should I change my furnace filter?

If you are asking about a 1” filter, I would recommend monthly replacement.  Everyone’s home is unique and therefore it is best to pull the filter once per month and hold it up to natural light.  If you see light through the filter it is still working.  If light is very slight, best to change the filter.


How long does a gas furnace last?

There are many levels of quality of gas furnaces similar to other products.  If the installation is excellent (which it seldom is) we should get 10-15 years out of a builders grade furnace as long as we perform annual maintenance.  A better quality furnace with the correct installation could last up to 20 years with proper maintenance.

Why is my furnace making a clicking noise?

When your furnace makes a “clicking” noise upon start up it could mean your ignitor is failing.  We do see this at times.  It could also require a good cleaning as it is missing ignition due to lack of maintenance.

Is it necessary to perform annual maintenance on my furnace?

It is very necessary to perform annual maintenance on your furnace.  In a cold spell our most common “no heat” call is related to lack of maintenance.  Remember this equipment runs all the time, with Air Conditioning it could be running 365 days a year.  Your car does not run nearly as much and does require annual maintenance.

Should I set back my furnace at night when sleeping?

It is a great idea to set back a furnace to save money during hours when you are away or sleeping.  The set back should be no more then 3 degrees to make sure you are getting the most efficiency from your furnace.  Please note that on a very old furnace during the extreme cold, setting back should not be done.  This will force the furnace to work much harder in its older years and could result in a furnace replacement.

Gas Furnaces

How much does a gas furnace cost?

This question is difficult because there are many variables.  Sizing of the equipment is most important and a proper load calculation should be performed to be accurate.  The quality of the equipment is another factor.  The installation is again another consideration.  Was your existing system correct?  OR do we need to make some adjustments for proper installation and efficiency of the new product.

How long does it take to install a gas furnace?

We at the The Comfort Guy do a very thorough installation including new return drops, better filters, possibly adding return air to the home, replacing the old thermostat (which controls the entire comfort of your home) This should take a full day to install.

When should I replace my gas furnace?

Gas furnaces can have many life expectancies based on quality of product and quality of install. Unfortunately the statistics indicate 80% of installations in Canada are installed incorrectly.

Will my hydro bill go down if I purchase a new gas furnace?

Furnaces of today are generally much more efficient then furnaces of yesteryears.
Considering the age of the existing furnace and the efficiency of the new furnace, generally we see significant hydro savings.

Air Conditioning

How much is Central Air Conditioning?

Central Air Conditioning installation has many variables. We like to perform a proper evaluation to ensure we are sizing the Air conditioning correctly. Reaching the upper floors is very important as we like Air Conditioning for sleeping. This is always evaluated upon free home estimates to confirm it is a good fit. Always want happy “cool” customers when selling Air Conditioning.

Should I set back my air conditioning like I do my furnace to save money?

We don’t recommend setting back an air conditioner. Considering that we are usually trying to reduce humidity in the home, you will find when you turn the temperature up while you are away the system will not come on but the humidity will collect very quickly causing your system to “over cool” leaving your home cold and clammy. It is best to set your air conditioner at one temperature and maintain your humidity levels rather then have spikes during the day or night.

Radiant Heat Fireplaces

Why should I buy a radiant heat fireplace?

The radiant heat fireplace from Valor is very efficient. This product operates without hydro and therefore provides the best heat in the industry without using power. Many fireplaces claim to operate without a fan but operation does not necessarily mean it will heat the way a Valor is designed to heat without a fan.

How does Radiant heat work?

Radiant heat is like the sun. It heats objects making the entire space much warmer. Also the Valor radiant heat fireplace operates on 60% natural convection making the unit feel like it is using a fan but truly is not. Radiant heat fireplaces offer the best heat.

Can I put a gas fireplace in my bedroom?

A gas fireplace can be installed just about anywhere with access to an outside wall.
There are many options for installation. When you choose the best product you love, then call us in to evaluate your space and give you the skinny on installation.


My cousin is a gas fitter that just graduated, should I get him to install a furnace for me?

A young gas fitter does not usually have the experience required to install a furnace. We like to see this fitter have 3 years experience under a journeyman doing installations to confirm accurate work. This is a gas fuelled appliance and requires extreme accuracy for results you are looking for.